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Fuego Parrilla

Black Box BBQ

Introducing our Fuego Parrilla.

Lovingly designed and made in house in our fully equipped workshop.

Fuego is a live fire cooking station.

The Fuego Parrilla is the entry level model, allowing you to gain confidence with live fire, to then upgrade and add all the other elements, as your budget allows.

See the Table Below.  

Comes with: The Fire Tray including rear adjustable vent in the hinging door), Fire Brick Lining, 1x Brasero fire Basket, 1x Grill Rack, 1x Stainless Grill, Ember rake & 1x Bag of Chill and Grill Firewood.

Upgradeable to allow for all the other options and additions. 

All design and concepts are the Registered Copyright of Clockwork Scenery Ltd and are subject to change and improvement.
Images show optional Accessories please see description for full details
Please allow 14 days delivery.

    1. Fire tray: Approx 990mm x 530mm x 360mm
    2. Grill space: Approx 450mm x 500mm plus unlimited creativity
    3. Weight  85 Kgs (+/-)
    1. 5mm thick mild steel fire tray
    2. 32mm thick fire bricks to line it and outer course on edge to retain heat
    3. 1x Brasero
    4. 1x 8mm round Stainless steel Grill surface with notched support
    5. Instruction book
    6. The Story Booklet with some recipes
    7. Ember rake and door tool
    8. VAT & Pallet carriage (circa average £56)
  • Accessories:
    1. All TBC- incoming! Plancha Plate
    2. Skewer rack & Swords
    3. Warming Rack
  • Safety:
    1. There are some important safety points to adhere to and failure to comply with the points may cause injury and damage to property. SAFETY NOTE: The Fuego is solely intended to be used outdoors on a non-combustible heat proof surface such as a paving slab, stone worktop or concrete surface and away from combustible materials such as a fence and foliage. Indoor use or incorrect positioning will lead to a Fire and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. As soon the fire is lit assume ALL parts of the Fuego will be hot. While adjusting the grill height and/or placement appropriate protection should be used such as heat proof gloves. Inhalation of smoke and fumes can be hazardous to your health. The Fuego will remain hot for many hours after you have finished cooking, you should not assume the grill is safe to touch or stow as residual heat and carbon monoxide may be present. Keep Children and animals at a safe distance from the Fuego at all times.

Customer Reviews

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As with the Ascua, our grills are capable of being used as just that, a simple grill or they allow you to get creative and use the racks, chapas to create an infiernillo chains and hooks, hanging rods, chicken hangers or even rotisserie come Asado cross to go ultra-low and slow and unleash your inner Asador or Parrillero, and create culinary Theatre! 

Adaptable & Upgradable

There is a wealth of options. The 3 models allow you to upgrade and customise your Live Fire Rig. Start with just the Parrilla version and upgrade as your interest in Live Fire Food and the relaxed low and slow style of cooking progresses. It’s addictive!   

It’s all about fire management and monitoring the heat. Set your rig and light your fire or fires. Let the fire brick lined base come up to temperature and test the heat of you grill, Plancha or chapas with a splash of water. If it sizzles and evaporates… you know its hot! 

Explore the options

Low & Slow or Hot as Hell!

The Brasero (or fire basket) is used to make your own charcoal. Simply light a small fire, add your wood of choice, and let the charcoal fall through the bars and rake it along to where you need it. Alternatively, you can use normal lumpwood charcoal or a mix to add wood smoke flavours. A simple door, with vent allows control the bottom airflow and it hinges down to help with clean out.