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Sous Vide Water Bath - cook to perfection

  • easy to use, LED touch screen controls
  • delivers consistent & repeatable results
  • temperature range between 30 and 90 °C
  • cooking time between 0 and 99 hours
  • 8 litre capacity
  • supplied with UK type plug lead

It couldn’t be easier to cook food to perfection with this water bath for Sous Vide - simply vacuum seal food in a sealed bag. Place the bag in the water bath, and set the temperature and time.

The temperature can be set between 30 and 90 °C and time between 0 and 99 hours. The water bath will precisely maintain the temperature of the water ensuring the food is cooked through without being under or overcooked.

This compact, 8 litre capacity stainless steel sous vide water bath features an easy to read LED touch screen control panel which allows the user to set both the temperature and the cooking time.

A stainless steel lid and wire rack is included to keep the sealed bags separate during the cooking process.