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Whittle & Flame Cornbury Ash Charcoal

Whittle & Flame


We've been looking for a sustainable UK based charcoal that doesn't travel the globe to get to your grill. We're excited to be able to offer Ash, a staple of virtually every British woodland, and like all of Whittle & Flames wood, these trees are felled by hand within only 5 miles of their yard on Cornbury Park near Oxford.

This most useful of trees loses nothing of its versatility once made into charcoal.

Easy to light, quick to respond to changes in airflow. It copes well with a hot grill, or low and slow setups.

Distilled in their unique process, the light sweet smoky flavour, comes through in buckets.

  • Available as 4KG Bags

If you are looking for a charcoal that is so pure it lights without fuss, Whittle & Flame charcoal is almost certainly what your heart desires.

Our very unique process of “Thermal destructive distillation” leaves you with charcoal that still retains the tree’s carbon structure and the essence of individual character.

We make all of our charcoal ourselves, carefully. It still resembles wood when it’s ready – none of that briquette nonsense you probably grew up thinking was acceptable.