What Are The Benefits Of Portable BBQ's

Mar 4, 2024

Although it may be great to have a large charcoal or pellet BBQ grill, they are not so practical for smaller spaces, plus they do not lend themselves to being taken camping and beach trips.

This is where the portable BBQ comes into its own, available in a variety of styles and a far cry from the single use versions.

Here, we look at various styles of portable BBQ, to give you a clear overview of what’s available.

The Portable BBQ's We Look At Are:

Portable BBQ Options Available:

Thuros T1  BBQ, cooking chicken kebabs

ProQ Flatdog: Compact and Eco-Friendly

For eco-conscious adventurers seeking a compact yet powerful grilling solution, look no further than the ProQ Flatdog

This portable BBQ folds down to just 20mm thick, the Flatdog is perfect for travel, camping, or beachside cookouts. 

Despite its small footprint, it boasts a generous cooking area, accommodating up to twelve hungry souls. 

Say goodbye to single-use disposable BBQs and embrace sustainability without sacrificing flavour. 

Whether you're hiking through the wilderness or caravanning across the countryside, the ProQ Flatdog is your ticket to guilt-free grilling.

THÜROS: Great Value & Practical

The THÜROS range offers a selection of lightweight portable BBQ solutions, in the shape of the B2 Shashlik (pictured above) and the T1 (pictured below). 

Each made of food safe V2A / 4301 stainless steel, with useful accessories available.

 THÜROS offer a practical and fun way to cook on the go, for cooking all your favourites.

Monolith Icon: Compact Versatility

Don't be fooled by its size; the Monolith Icon is a powerhouse in portable grilling.

 Weighing around 35kg and slightly smaller than its counterparts, the Icon doesn't compromise on performance. 

Perfect for balconies, terraces, or impromptu picnics, this portable BBQ, tabletop grill offers all the features of its larger counterparts and more. With a removable lid, the Icon transforms into a plancha or teppanyaki-style grill, providing unique temperature zones for culinary experimentation. 

From meats to veggies, the Icon leaves no craving unsatisfied, making it an essential companion for any outdoor excursion.

Traeger Ranger: Packable Powerhouse

The Traeger Ranger is more than just a grill; it's a culinary companion for your wildest escapades. 

Designed for on-the-go enthusiasts, this portable BBQ grill boasts Traeger's signature wood-fired flavour in a compact package. 

Equipped with Traeger’s Digital Arc controller featuring a Keep Warm Mode, the Ranger ensures your food is ready to devour whenever hunger strikes. An induction fan ensures even heat distribution, while the Auger efficiently fuels the fire, offering versatility for both hot and fast or low and slow cooking (power supply or suitable power bank is required).

 Whether you're fishing by the lake or camping in the wilderness, the Traeger Ranger ensures that adventure is always accompanied by mouthwatering meals.

Grllr Tabletop Japanese Grills: Traditional Flavour, Modern Convenience

Embrace the rich tradition of Japanese grilling with Grllr Tabletop Japanese Grills.

Crafted for enthusiasts who appreciate simplicity and authenticity, these portable BBQ grills deliver a unique grilling experience wherever you go. 

Pair your favourite meats, fish, or veggies with the unmistakable taste of Japanese-style grilling and elevate your outdoor cooking game to new heights. Choose from the round Tokyo Shichirin (pictured above) or the rectangular Osaka Shichirin (pictured below), especially for small gatherings.

Ozpig Series 2 and Big Pig Grills: All-In-One Adventure

For those who desire versatility in their outdoor cooking arsenal, the Ozpig Series 2 (pictured above) and Big Pig (pictured below) Grills are the ultimate companions. 

Combining the warmth of a traditional fireplace with the functionality of a grill, these all-in-one systems are perfect for back garden gatherings or remote camping trips. 

With interchangeable cooking surfaces and accessories, the Ozpig series offers endless possibilities, from roasting marshmallows to slow-cooking hearty stews.

Are You Ready For A Portable BBQ Adventure?

The portable BBQ has revolutionised the way we experience outdoor cooking, allowing us to enjoy the flavours of home wherever adventure takes us. 

Whether you're seeking compact convenience, eco-friendly innovation, or traditional craftsmanship, there's a portable grill to suit every taste and occasion. 

So, pack your gear, stoke the flames, and let the culinary adventures begin!