Who Are We?

I'm George.

Black Box BBQ Is a Traeger Specialist and are proud to be Traeger Platinum Dealers and also hold the UK stock of spare parts.   


It started small and has grown to include:

Traeger Grills, Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, Proq, and Petromax.

We send out daily and hold good stock of Pellets (around 1000 bags!) and keep all the grills in stock.
We've recently branched out to include real fire cooking, and Make our own Products as below, and will be adding some more fun ideas over the next few months!
Our products are carefully chosen to ensure quality is maintained.
We aren't a giant BBQ shop stocking all and sundry. But keep good stock of what we do sell! It's filtered down to make sure what we sell is both excellent quality, and useful!
So we've settled on being a specialist in the following brands: Traeger Pellet Grills, Kamado Joe, MasterBuilt, ProQ and Petromax.
If there's something you think we should stock please let us know!


Designed & Built by us

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A small yet versatile tabletop Parrilla

Capable of being used as a simple grill or get creative and use the rack in one of the many other positions .

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Almost unlimited cooking choices only limited by your imagination!