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Introducing the world’s most advanced compact oven. Arc has it all—cook 14” pizza in 60 seconds or less with Gozney’s revolutionary lateral gas flame, unbeatable 2-layer heat retention, and easy to use precision temperature control. 

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Unveiling the Gozney Arc and Arc XL Pizza Ovens: Which One Suits You Best?

Are you torn between the Gozney Arc and Arc XL pizza ovens? Wondering what sets them apart? Let's dive into the details and discover which one aligns perfectly with your culinary aspirations.

What Sets Them Apart?

Both the Gozney Arc and Arc XL boast identical features, but the differentiating factor lies in their pizza size capacity. While the Arc XL accommodates 16" pizzas, the Arc is tailored for 14" pizzas.

New Features: A Closer Look

The Gozney Arc XL and Arc introduce a groundbreaking lateral gas burner, a pioneer in its category, alongside a state-of-the-art digital thermometer and an upgraded exhaust system, which minimizes soot buildup.

The hallmark innovation of these ovens is the introduction of the lateral burner. The Arc's lateral gas burner, characterized by its rolling yellow flame, similar to the flame pattern observed in restaurant wood fired ovens, faithfully replicating the wood-fired experience for you. This feature ensures remarkably consistent heat, offers precise control, and optimizes the expansive 20mm thick stone oven floor, enabling effortless manoeuvring of larger pizzas.

Moreover, a cutting-edge digital temperature gauge has been incorporated to gauge the exact temperature of the stone floor, empowering users to craft their perfect pizzas with unparalleled precision.

The Gozney Arc and Arc XL's groundbreaking gas burner is a pioneer in its category, alongside the state-of-the-art digital thermometer and an upgraded exhaust system, which minimises soot buildup, makes these two new models a desirable pair.

Setting a New Benchmark

Positioned at the heart of Gozney's oven lineup, the Arc XL and Arc strike a balance between the space saving design of the Roccbox and the larger footprint Dome and S1.

Accessorise Your Culinary Journey

Complementing the ovens are a range of accessories, including standsboosters, mantels, covers, and an array of new peels, designed to elevate your cooking experience to new heights.

Propane Gas Only

Please note that the Gozney Arc is exclusively compatible with propane gas and does not support natural gas usage.

In conclusion, whether you opt for the Arc or the Arc XL, you're investing in innovation, precision, and culinary excellence. 

Embrace the art of pizza making with Gozney's latest offerings and unlock a world of gastronomic possibilities.

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