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    The Monolith Basic is a slimmed down version of the Classic model. It has a 46 cm grill diameter and like all Monoliths, it delivers versatility for BBQ grilling, baking, searing and smoking as standard. The Basic is also the same high-quality construction but clearly the appearance is different. We’ve stripped away the chip feeder system and we’ve replaced the stainless steel bands with powder-coated steel bands. Buy a Monolith Basic and you can then build your grill to suit your needs. The stainless-steel grill grate can be further enlarged using the optional extension grid and the 2nd grid level grill expander to provide ample space for several side dishes at the same time as your main cook.
    Choose also from the extensive range of Monolith Classic accessories, such as the rotisserie, cast iron grid, pizza stone, wok & stand or fire plate and your Monolith Basic becomes a fully- fledged all in one outdoor cooker. The grill is only available in one standard format, colour black with cart and bamboo side shelves. Optional equipment, grill tools and accessories can be found on our accessories pages.
    22 products
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