Charred Asparagus Guacamole

There’s a great trend for all things Avo these days, if I’m honest I’m not a massive fan of plain old avocado, however smooshed up with some lime j...

Smoked Boeuf Bourguignon

A great way to get some smoky flavours into Boeuf Bourguignon. By smoking the Beef 'Over The Top'.

Christmas Nipples

Festive Smoked Turkey and Black Pudding Canapes, Perfect for Christmas Parties.

Chilli Brioche

Chilli Brioche adds an extra little heat and flavour.

Bakewell Blondies

A rather delicious Bakewell tart inspired Blondie.

Smoked Pecan Pie topped Apple Cheese Cake

An autumnal treat. With a mega dose of Hygge. Sweet tooth required. 

Spicy Bean Burger

Deliciously spicy, cheesy, beanie goodness.

Lemon Meringue Smoked Cheesecake

A rather delicious show stopping Lemon Meringue Cheesecake Recipe

Asparagus Ice Cream

A creamy Asparagus Ice cream: As a starter, amuse bouche, or indeed pudding. 

Smoked Lemon Curd

A delightful grilled and smoked Lemon Curd, Sweet Sherbet flavours.

BBQ Satay Chicken

Juicy, Spicy, Aromatic Satay Spatchcock Chicken Perfect for the Traeger

Charcoal Brioche Recipe

Blackened Brioche, or Charcoal Brioche is a crowd pleaser that catches the eye. This recipe for Charcoal Brioche is simple and tasty.