Feb 19, 2023

I love a Tartiflette.

This is a twist on a classic tartiflette recipe with the option to 'pimp' with Garlic or Nduja Knots

The cheese. The Potato. Proper carb loading...! 

Best eaten atop a mountain in the alps, with a glass or 6 of Vin Chaud, sitting outside one of those ramshackled huts next to a ski run, dressed up in your skiing gear, hobbling about in your ski boots, trying not to slip over. Great fun! The views. The cheese. The wine. 

Here's my little twist on a classic tartiflette recipe-  I like to add fennel, i seem to use it a lot, that aniseed flavour cutting through a bit of the cheese fat, kinda makes it healthy right?

You can leave out the lardons for a veggie version. 




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