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Asparagus Ice Cream

Serving: 10Cook Time: 45MPrep Time: 15MDifficulty: Showing off

June 01, 2019

Ok so this sounds a little kooky. 

Asparagus is obviously quite a unique flavour with its mild earthiness and asparagine. 

I like my asparagus with a hollandaise sauce, which is egg yolk based. Now quite a few Ice creams have an egg or custard style base. So ergo a moment of inspiration (read madness) 


  • 12 spears of ultra fresh green asparagus
  • Pinch of fresh Tarragon leaves. 
  • Pinch of salt 
  • 750ml full fat milk
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 100g Caster sugar
  • 125ml Single cream


  1. Trim the woody ends off the Asparagus and discard
  2. Slice each spear in half and cut into 3/4 inch chunks
  3. Pop the milk, cream and tarragon in a Saucepan and gently heat
  4. Add the chopped asparagus and a pinch of salt to the saucepan and gently heat through until the Asparagus has softened- Be careful not to over boil the cream mix, stir it occasionally. 
  5. Meanwhile put the egg yolks and sugar in a mixer with a whisk attachment and whisk until creamy and slightly airy. 
  6. Once the asparagus has cooked sieve the asparagus out (and if you have one) juice the asparagus keeping only the extract. If not whizz the asparagus in a blender and pass back through the sieve to get the juice.
  7. On a Medium Heat pour in the whisked egg yolks and sugar, into the cream whisking to combine until the mixture coats the back of a spoon and the egg is cooked it should be a custard consistency.
  8. Add the asparagus extract, and give it a taste to check the seasoning.
  9. Pour through a sieve into a bowl and cover in cling film and chill. 
  10. Once cold pour into an ice cream maker and churn until frozen. 
  11. Freeze in a container
  12. Take out of freezer 10 mins before use to allow it to soften. 

Enjoy with meringues (made from the leftover egg whites), a physalis garnish, and maybe try crystallizing some asparagus tips

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