USDA Brisket

Feb 15, 2018


Brisket is a tough old beastie to get right, but when you do it's magic, giving succulent meat, with a good bark, there's around a million (well maybe not 1 actual million) recipes and ideas on Briskets, this is a simple and effective go at it, tailored for a Traeger.

To wrap or not to wrap that's the million dollar question. I've done a couple wrapped and a couple open au naturale. I tend to wrap if it stalls.

The quality of the meat is obviously important, I have only tried the USDA ones. from JL Butchers (so Australian i believe) and Bobs Family Butchers (which are from the U S of A). They tend to have more fat so can cope with the heat and time, retaining the juiciness you'd expect.

For this one from Bobs, which was 5.2kg. 


With the fat cap face down on a board, slightly separate The Flat from the Point leaving it intact by working a knife under the point in that fatty separation, gently easing them apart to allow rub to get into that gap. 

Meat Prep

Trim any excess fat and silver skin off this side, (trimming is key in my book)  leave the fat cap as is. Some of it will render away, but it's a myth that it all will, however it will protect the flat from drying out. 

Inject with a Bovril (3 tsps) and decent quality beef stock (250ml) warmed gently in a pan. 

Inject every 2.5cm/ inch working in a grid across the slab. giving around 5ml per squirt. 

If you've got a full brisket with both the point and the flat inject a full syringe into the larger Point. Wipe away any excess. 

Next to rub.

Sprinkle liberally all over with 'The General' from Angus and Oink  making sure you get into the cracks and crevices and let that soak in for 1 hour. 

Then do the same with Moo Mami. and let that soak for another hour. 

Meanwhile set your Traeger to 225F /110C supersmoke if you have a Timberline. 

Place the Brisket on the grill, Fat side down, Making sure you have an empty grease trap/ bucket. 

Smoke for 7 hours or until around 165f internal temp

Layout 2 runs (enough to go round the Brisket) of Traeger Butchers Paper and place the meat onto that) wrap tightly. making a note of which way the grain of the meat runs, some champions draw a sharpie line on the foil/ paper so you know which way to probe for tenderness

Pop back on the Traeger. (you can turn Supersmoke off on the Timberlines)

Inset your temp probe into the middle of the meat and continue to cook till it reaches 203F or 95C.

Using the probe check for tenderness, When inserted and withdrawn from the meat it should feel like butter with little resistance or pull. 

Remove from the Grill

Unwrap and let the meat breathe for a 10-15 mins, the bark will come back pretty quick.  Pop in a large oven tray and cover in foil. Let rest for at least an hour or 3, I use my Top oven (with it off) as an insulated box. 

You can take the point off at this point and start the burnt ends whilst the flat rests.

Look for the grain in the meat and cut 90 degrees to that so you don't get long fibres of meat, slice into 6mm thick slabs, admiring the smoke ring....

Serve with all sorts! 

Jalapeno and soured cream Cornbread, Butter roasted Hassleback potatoes, Apple and fennel simple slaw, fennel Popovers, Ribs, and Burnt ends....! 


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