How Long Will A Bag Of Traeger Pellets Last?

Mar 1, 2024
Traeger Hardwood Pellets

Getting The Most Out Of Traeger Pellets:

Unlock the essence of wood-fired flavour with hardwood Traeger pellets, meticulously crafted from 100% pure hardwood sawdust. These pellets, free from fillers or binders, undergo a process of compression using heat and pressure, ensuring an unparalleled grilling experience.

For optimal performance and to prevent auger jams, Traeger recommends using their pellets exclusively when grilling on their wood-fired electric grills.

Choosing the Perfect Pellet Flavour:

The Traeger pellets range boasts a diverse selection of flavours, ranging from fruity notes of apple to the robust essence of mesquite, including their renowned signature blend. While Traeger pellets harmonise with various cuisines, certain flavours complement specific dishes exceptionally well.

Fruit Woods (Apple, Cherry): Ideal for pork, poultry, baking, and delicate flavours, preventing overpowering. Cherry pellets also accentuate the richness of beef dishes.

Hickory and Mesquite: Known for their bold presence, enhancing the taste of beef, chicken, pork, and vegetables. Mesquite pairs exquisitely with chicken, fish, and beef.

Pecan and Signature Blend: Pecan pellets offer a nuanced blend of sweetness and spice, enriching beef, chicken, pork, vegetables, and baked goods. Traeger’s signature blend combines hickory, maple, and cherry for a versatile, full-bodied flavour.

Now, let's delve into the burning question: How long does a bag of pellets last?

Traeger pellets are packaged in convenient 9kg bags. The duration of a bag varies depending on your cooking temperature, spanning from six to twenty hours of cooking time.

Factors such as grill size and insulation play a role in pellet consumption. Traeger's Ironwood and Timberline ranges boast double-walled insulation and lid gaskets, ensuring temperature retention and efficient fuel usage. Additionally, the inclusion of a backsplash in these models aids in heat preservation within the cookbox.

When employing low and slow cooking methods, expect extended pellet longevity. Conversely, high-temperature searing accelerates pellet consumption.

For added convenience, Traeger's Ironwood and Timberline models feature a built-in pellet sensor, notifying users when pellets are running low via both the grill and the Traeger app. Owners of Pro Series grills can separately purchase the pellet sensor, seamlessly integrating it with their grill's WiFIRE technology for real-time alerts.

To facilitate flavour transitions, Traeger pellet grills are equipped with a hopper clear-out mechanism, allowing for swift pellet replacement. Moreover, the StayDry pellet bin, capable of storing 10kg of pellets, ensures optimal freshness and longevity with its airtight, locking closure mechanism.


In summary, with Traeger pellets, you're not just grilling—you're embarking on a culinary journey infused with authentic wood-fired flavour and unmatched convenience.

At various time, Traeger Pellets are also available in limited blends, adding more variety to your cooking adventures.

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