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Ascua Parrilla

Lovingly designed and made in house in our fully equipped workshop. 

A small yet versatile tabletop Parrilla. (must be used on non combustible surface)

Capable of being used as a simple grill or get creative and use the rack in one of the many other positions  (see instructions below) to go ultra low and slow and unleash your inner Asador or Parrillero, and create culinary Theatre!

A sleek stainless steel grill surface with spare holes on each side for you to wire your food to when using in the upright/ angled position and going all asado! 

The Brasero (or fire basket) is used to make your own charcoal. Simply light a small fire, add your wood of choice and let the charcoal fall through the bars and rake it along to where you need it. Alternatively you can use normal lumpwood charcoal or a mix to add wood smoke flavours.

A simple door by the fire basket allows you to push the embers through with the provided rake. 

The grill rack can be used in either a right or left hand configuration  and also slots onto the end opposite the Brasero. This allows you to angle it up and adjust the height for your Asado style cookery.  

These are handmade by us in our Workshops so please allow 14 days delivery in case we are part way through a new batch. 

    1. Fire tray: Approx 715mm x 360mm x 150mm H
    2. Grill space 360mm x 360mm plus unlimited creativity
    3. Total footprint with grill in horizontal: 725mm x 420mm x 340mm H
    4. Weight in packing crate: 40kg (+/-) Assembled Grill approx 27kg
    1. 5mm thick mild steel fire tray
    2. 32mm thick fire bricks to line it
    3. Brasero and supports
    4. Stainless steel Grill surface with notched support
    5. Instruction book
    6. The Story Booklet with some recipes
    7. Ember rake and door tool
    8. Plywood crate (Which can be kept and used as a cold smoking cabinet) (not supplied for the collected version below)
    9. VAT & Pallet carriage (circa average £56) (not shipped if collection version selected)
  • Accessories:
    1. Plancha Plate
    2. Skewer rack & Swords
    3. Warming Rack
    4. Rotisserie & Wind deflector
    5. Bespoke bottle opener...
  • There are some important safety points to adhere to and failure to comply with the points may cause injury and damage to property. SAFETY NOTE: The Ascua is solely intended to be used outdoors on a non-combustible heat proof surface such as a paving slab, stone worktop or concrete surface and away from combustible materials such as a fence and foliage. Indoor use or incorrect positioning will lead to a Fire and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. As soon the fire is lit assume ALL parts of the Ascua will be hot. While adjusting the grill height and/or placement appropriate protection should be used such as heat proof gloves. Inhalation of smoke and fumes can be hazardous to your health. The Ascua will remain hot for many hours after you have finished cooking, you should not assume the grill is safe to touch or stow as residual heat and carbon monoxide may be present. Keep Children and animals at a safe distance from the Ascua at all times.

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