Messy Mexican Burger

Feb 26, 2018


So in a bid to be healthier and cut the pointless carbs, I've been off the bread, apart from the occasional Brioche Bun for my quick becoming Friday night tradition. But then thought a tortilla, or Tostada must be better right?! 

So i hatch a quick plan whilst wandering around the supermarket. 

A Burger on a Tortilla. If it's got a Tortilla then why not go Mexican! I love the fresh zing and spice Mexican flavours can bring. 

So a Mexican spicy chilli burger on a tostada with all the trimmings. 

Can be BBQ'd or can be done in a frying pan and oven- (there you go Jo... not everything needs to be BBQ!)

Ingredients- per Burger

      • Aberdeen Angus Beef burgers ( or Mince) But i cheated and used burgers (lifes sometimes just too busy) - Adult sized... 1 per person maybe...!
      • Kidney beans- around 10
      • Fresh chilli (finger) - as much as you can handle- say 3
      • Spices (Ground Cumin, Whole Cumin, smoked Chipotle, Ground Coriander, Cocoa, Garlic Granules, Onion Granules, ground Cinnamon) - A good pinch of each. 
      • Guacamole- 2 table spoons per portion
      • Re-fried Beans- 2 Table spoons per Portion 
      • Sliced Cheese- Monterey Jack-  2 per Burger
      • Streaky Bacon- 2 rashers per portion
      • Pickled Jalapenos- 5 per Burger
      • Mole Sauce- 1 1/2 Teaspoon per Burger
      • Corn Tortilla- 1 1/2 per Portion
      • Sweet Potato- 1/2 big one per portion
      • Tomato- 1
      • Canned Sweetcorn- Small can
      • Red Onion-1
      • Little Gem lettuce- 3 leaves
      • Lime- squeezed

Start by Warming your oven (Jo) or BBQ to 200C. 

Wash and slice the Sweet Potato into 1cm discs 

Pop them on an oven tray and spritz with oil. Give them a dust of Smoked paprika, and cook for around 40 mins, turning at half time, keep an eye as they can suddenly go brown. I like them slightly crisp, and chewy. 

Pop the burger mix in a bowl and break up the meat. Pop a good pinch of the spices and give it all a good mix up, trying not to compress it too much.

Gently heat the kidney bean to soften them slightly (either in a little water in a pan, or 30 secs in a microwave) till they squidge between your fingers (fyi they will be hot)

Add to the meat and gently mix

Form into a loose ball. 

If you're doing it smash style heat a pan or Plancha, or in a Traeger set it to Max and heat the Cast Iron Griddle or Skillet. You can do them on the grill but i like to do them in a pan to trap the moisture and for the cheesing later. 

Once your pan is screaming hot, lightly coat your balls in oil... and dust with rub if you like and pop into your pan squashing the ball down to a flat burger shape (use a big spatula or the base of a large Mug). Then squish the middle a little more so it looks sightly indented.

By pushing it flat you get max contact with the cooking surface and get uneven edges that get nice and crispy. Leave it to cook (without flipping it every 5 seconds) you want the caramelisation on the meat, and pushing the middle down more stops it tightening up in the middle and puffing up.

Cook your Bacon- i do it  straight on the traeger or in an oven on a tray lined with baking paper

After around 5 mins give it a flip. (depending on how thick/ thin you made it and how you like it)

Let that cook for another few mins. 

Meanwhile heat the Refried beans ( i used a can- so popped in a saucepan for a few mins as per the instructions)

For a bit of flair, Oil the spare Tortilla , season with sea salt / pepper and sprinkle of Smoked Paprika (on both sides) and then slice into 1cm strips and pop on some greaseproof baking paper in the oven for 5 mins till crispy (they go dark very quick once hot)

Once the Burger is nearly ready pop your jalapenos on top then your cheese and if possible use a cloche with a splash of water to cover the burger and melt the cheese super quick. (the steam melts it in seconds)

If in a frying pan, just add a splash of water and put a lid on it. 

Remove once the cheese is melted and the burger cooked (leave to rest for a couple of mins)

Meanwhile heat another pan and fry off the Padron Peppers in a little olive oil. Once they have softened take them off and sprinkle with Sea salt. and clean wipe out the pan. 

For the Simple salsa, finely chop the tomato and onion and pop in bowl with the sweetcorn. Season well with salt and pepper and a good squeeze of lime. and mix well with a teaspoon of olive oil to make a dressing.

For the Tostada- 

If using a Plancha- Lightly oil the tortilla and pop in the plate, flipping after around 10 seconds- they go quick so keep an eye. 

If using a Frying pan- Reheat the now empty padron pan and pop the lightly oiled tortilla in the frying pan till puffy and slightly crisp. 

To Serve-

Pop the now Tostada tortilla on a plate/ arty board. 

Spoon on the guacamole and smoodge about. 

Add the re fried beans and do the same avoiding mixing them up, you want the layers. 

Place the now cheesy burger on top, add a teaspoon or so of Mole, dress with bacon and the tortilla strips. (jaunty angle required)

Layout 3 Baby gem leaves and fill with the Salsa, getting some of the lime dressing as well 

Layout the Sweet potato, and padron Peppers. 

Take many Instagram photos... Eat and maybe repeat...! 



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