Curried Lamb Shoulder

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Looking for a simple Sunday Supper? 

Then this fits the bill. Especially when using the Timberline, set and forget, drop into the local for a Sunday pint and rest assured your roast is doing it's thing. 

I went for a 1.7kg bone in lamb shoulder from Black Barn Butchers in Milford. 

The night before score the skin and rub it all over with a Madras curry paste (Pataks are good) and then apply the Angus and Oink Tandoori Rub. 

Pop it in the fridge and leave it overnight to do its thing.

Set the Timberline to 120c/ 248f and cook it up for 5 hours till it is 90c/ 195f internal temp- Be careful when probing as the shoulder bone can give odd readings, make sure you probe the meat in a couple of places.

Then let rest covered in foil for 30 mins. (I tend to use my top oven as it's a big insulated box. (with it turned off)

Then crank the timberline up to 450f/ 230c to do the sides.

Then it got a bit more complicated....! 

Bombay Potatoes

Clean off some New Potatoes, Roughly sliced a couple of red onions, a red pepper, and slit 4 or 5 finger chillies.

Pop them into a foil tray. 

Mix a Tablespoon of the Madras Curry Paste with a gulg of Olive oil to loosen the paste, 

Cover the potatoes and veg with the paste.

Sprinkle some mustard seeds to top and stir through. 

Pop In the Timberline for about 30-40 mins, (until the potatoes are soft on the inside with crispy skins)

Roasted Cauliflower

Simply separate a cauliflower into florets 

Spritz with olive oil and sprinkle with Tandoori Rub. 

Pop in a foil tray and roast until tender, with a bit of bite.

Peshwari Naan Bread

I used this recipe from auntie Beeb, Here

Which did taste amazing, but the dough ended up a bit biscuit like. Definatly do them again but maybe a different recipie for the dough. 

Served with a Tzatziki i bought, with Lime pickle oil dribbled on top!

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  • Clinton Waters March 31, 2022 at 3:06 pm

    can we get some juicy photos for these recipes pleeeease

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