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Petromax Atago


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With the Petromax Atago Petromax has reinvented the fire pit. Can be used as fire pit, but also as barbecue, oven or stove. With these four basic functions almost anything is possible. 

The Atago can be used in combination with the Petromax Dutch Oven or with another cast-iron pan.

Use Petromax FT3, Ft6 or Ft9 Dutch Ovens on top of the Atago. Because on top of the Atago a Dutch Oven will completely be surrounded by steel, the heat output is incredibly high. In addition, the Atago comes with a grill rack to turn the Atago into a portable barbecue for all your campfire and bush cooking!

The Atago has been enhanced with a unique unfolding system. You lift the stove up by the handle and it will open by itself. As a result the Atago will be ready for use in no-time at all. And after use you simply fold the stove back in after which it is only 15 cm high.

Available with a special cover that acts as an outdoor oven! theres some science involved int he cloth i'm sure! These will be added shortly.

Portable Outdoor cooking

With our selected range, you can cook epic bush meals. You'll impress your guests with your stylish new kit, and expanded menu. 

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