Which Traeger Grill Should You Buy In 2024?

Feb 26, 2024

Embarking on a journey to find the Traeger grill that seamlessly integrates with your grilling dreams? Look no further.

In this detailed guide, we will take a closer look at which Traeger grill you should buy, ranging from Traeger's Pro Series, Ironwood Series, and Timberline Series, unravelling the unique features that make each grill a masterpiece in its own right.

Get ready to make an informed decision about which Traeger grill you should buy and elevate your grilling experience to extraordinary heights.

Traeger Pro Series: The Culinary Maestro

Key Features

  • Immerse yourself in culinary precision with the Pro Series' intelligent temperature control, ensuring consistent cooking perfection.
  • Revel in the generous cooking space, tailor-made for family feasts or social gatherings.
  • Dive into a myriad of grilling possibilities, from the subtleties of smoking to the artistry of roasting and baking.

Who It's For?

  • The Pro Series is the go-to choice for those seeking an all-encompassing grill experience.
  • Tailored for families or individuals who love hosting and showcasing their culinary prowess.
  • The Pro 575 and Pro 780 both feature the advanced D2® controller, along with WiFIRE® technology enabling control of your grill via the Traeger App.

Also available, is the Pro 22, which is essentially the same size as the Pro 575, but does not feature the D2® controller or WiFIRE®.

Traeger Ironwood Series: Where Innovation Meets Sizzle

Key Features

  • Like the Pro series, the Ironwood range, 650 and 885 also includes the D2® controller and  WiFIRE® technology.
  • The All New Ironwood and Ironwood XL feature the new Smart Combustion™ technology, which maintains consistent cooking temperatures.
  • In addition, the Ironwood 650 and 885 offer side wall insulation for added fuel efficiency.
  • The All New Ironwood range, the Ironwood and Ironwood XL, feature the new P.A.L. Pop-And-Lock™ accessory rail, ModiFIRE® cooking surfaces, and Traeger Induction Cooktop (sold separately) enabling you to truly customize your grill setup and make it your own. If you’re ready to elevate the way you cook, the Ironwood is waiting.

Who It's For

  • Crafted for the tech-savvy griller who appreciates the marriage of innovation and performance.
  • Ideal for experimental cooks who relish the opportunity to explore diverse grilling techniques.

Traeger Timberline Series: The Apex of Grilling Luxury

Key Features

  • Bask in the durability of double-wall stainless steel construction, ensuring superior insulation and longevity.
  • Infuse your creations with unmatched flavour using the Super Smoke mode, a testament to Traeger's commitment to taste perfection.
  • Host grand gatherings with confidence, thanks to the Timberline Series' expansive cooking capacity.
  • Although some models of the 850 and 1300 are still available, they are to be superseded by the All New Timberline and Timberline XL. These are similar to the All New Ironwood models, but with the addition of an induction side grill and a built in cabinet underneath for pellets and utensils etc.

Who It's For

  • Tailored for serious grillmasters and BBQ enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best.
  • Perfect for those who prioritize top-notch construction, maximum grilling space, and an unparalleled grilling experience.

How to Choose:

  • Now that you have more insight as to what Traeger Grills have to offer, you can delve into your budget constraints and weigh them against the features that align with your grilling preferences and determine which Traeger Grill you should buy.
  • Assess the unique features and technological advancements of each model to match your grilling style.
  • Garner insights from fellow grill enthusiasts by diving into user reviews and testimonials for an authentic perspective.

So Which Traeger Should You Buy?

Deciding which Traeger grill you should buy, that complements your culinary aspirations involves a careful consideration of features, technology, and personal preferences. With this guide as your compass, navigate through the Pro Series, Ironwood Series, and Timberline Series to discover the Traeger grill destined to be your trusted outdoor culinary companion. 

Happy grilling, and may your BBQ adventures be filled with flavour and joy!

We invite you to share your Traeger grill experiences in the comments below. Which model resonates with your grilling style?

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