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Bamboo Chopping Boards for Folding Front Shelves

Black Box BBQ

Made by our own fair hands, using High Density Tiger Bamboo from sustainable forests. 

Extremely hard-wearing, durable and stylish. They are made to order and CNC'd to fit the metal shelf.

Available in 4 sizes to fit the Traeger folding front shelves

Bronson: 22mm thick

Pro 22: 22mm thick

Ironwood: 22mm thick

Pro 34: 22mm thick 


Bamboo Chopping Boards

Made from Hard wearing visually unique that consist of 100% Bamboo and CO2 Neutral. No Pandas were affected in the production of these Boards as the Bamboo is harvested at farms from far away from the mountainous areas where the Giant Pandas live.

Care of the Bamboo Boards

These boards have been lovingly treated with 2 coats of food safe Mineral Oil, NEVER wash in a dishwasher. Hand wash with mild washing up liquid and dry immediatley, occasionally re oil, and to revive simple sand and reseal with the Mineral Oil. 

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